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Spis liczników do pojazdów


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Spis liczników domyślnie przypisanych do pojazdu

Nowoczesny, sportowy (LCD)

Buffalo, Phoenix, Banshee, Bullet, Cheetah, Comet, Flash, Hotknife, Infernus, Jester, Sultan, Super GT, Turismo, ZR-350, Hotknife, Sultan, Kart, Quadbike, Vortex, Sweeper, HPV1000, Forklift, Mower, Tug

Średniosportowy, inspirowany NFS (NFS)

Elegy(Wyjątkowy przypadek ze względu na klimat i wykorzystanie pojazdu), Sabre, Windsor, Hotring Racer, Hotring Racer 2, Hotring Racer 3, Stratum, Uranus, Bandito, Monster, Monster 2, Monster 3, Sandking, FBI Rancher, Patriot, Police LS, Police LV, Police Ranger, Police SF, Rancher, Rancher 2, Huntley, Blista Compact, Alpha, Club, Euros, Hustler, Admiral, Elegant, Merit, Premier, Sentinel, Stretch, Sunrise, Stafford, Washington, Tahoma

Klasyczny, staromodny (OLD)

Tornado, Voodoo, Clover, BF Injection, Bloodring banger, Camper, Journey, Mesa, Baggage, Utility Van, Towtruck, Taxi, Cabbie, Berkley's RC VAN, Bobcat, Burrito, Damaged Sadler, Moonbeam, News Van, Rumpo, Sadler, Walton, Yosemite, Landstalker, Perennial, Regina, Romero, Solair, Bravura, Buccaneer, Cadrona, Esperanto, Feltzer, Fortune, Hermes, Majestic, Manana, Picador, Previon, Stallion, Tampa, Virgo, Damaged Glendale, Emperor, Glendale, Greenwood, Intruder, Vincent, Willard, Primo, Oceanic, Nebula

Ciężki, do pojazdów większych (HEAVY)

Bus, Coachm, Trashmaster, Barracks, Enforces, Ambulance, FBI TRUCK, Fire Truck, Fire Truck 2, Securicar, S.W.A.T, Rhino, Benson, Black Boxville, Boxville, Cement Truck, Combine Harvester, DFT-30, Dozer, Dumper, Dune, Flatbed, Hotdog, Linerunner, Mr.Whoopee, Mule, Packer, Roadtrain, Tanker, Tractor, Yankee

Rowerowy, wyświetlacz (BIKE)

Mountain Bike, BMX, Bike

Motorowy, LCD wyświetlacz (MOTORBIKE)

BF-400, Faggio, FCR-900, Freeway, NRG-500, PCJ-600, Pizza Boy, Sanchez, Wayfarer

Samolotowy, wskazówkowy (PLANE)

Andromada, AT-400, Beagle, Cropduster, Dodo, Hydra, Nevada, Rustler, Shamal, Skimmer, StuntPlane, Cargobob, Hunter, Leviathan, Maverick, News Chopper, Police Maverick, Raindance, Seasparrow, Sparrow 

Wodny, do łodzi (BOAT)

Coastguard, Dinghy, Jetmax, Launch, Marquis, Predator, Reefer, Speeder, Squalo, Tropic


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